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Nov 15 / samannthacc

New Recipe

Yellow spaghetti Squash Stuffed with Warm Quinoa Salad

Roast the squash at 350 degrees in the oven for 25 min

Bring water to boil, add quinoa

Wait until the quinoa is fluffy and done

Grill onions in seperate pan and add kale

Toss the warm quinoa with onion/kale mixture then add feta cheese and pomegranate seeds

Add 2 cups of the quinoa salad to squash cut in half

Nov 15 / samannthacc


When I am working out constantly, I need PROTEIN, ENERGY, etc.

This is my go to power smoothie


Peanut Butter/Almond Milk/Chocolate Smoothie

-2 tablespoons of peanut butter

-1 cup of Chocolate Whey Protein

-2 bananas (frozen or fresh)

-1 cup of ice

-1 cup of almond milk

Blend all these ingredients in a blender.


Nov 15 / samannthacc

Gluten Free in San Francisco!

Ah, I love San Francisco and I am back again!

Just thought I would share my itinerary of food I’ve had on this trip

ALL GFREE obviously and all from amazing restaurants :)

Thursday Night

9 pm: Caesar Salad with crunchy pancetta, garlic parmesano reggiano dressing

from the Clift hotel

no croutons of course ;)

Friday Morning

10 am: Starbucks Vanilla Soy Steamer :)

1 pm: Lunch at Trace Restaurant

Spiced Eggplant grilled scallion, coriander & crispy rice

Devotto Garden Apple & Pear Salad gem lettuce, radish, walnut vinaigrette

Grilled Fulton Valley Chicken Sandwich jalapeno aioli , pickled red onion, scallion, & cilantro (NO BUN)

Sep 22 / samannthacc


I found this new bread at whole foods, by Udi Gluten Free Foods, of course (My favorite brand, check out their website The bread is called “millet-chia” and has lots of fiber, omega, and good stuff for ya! I just really like the taste…the other stuff are just bonuses :)

Sep 19 / samannthacc

Shocking new discovery

I recently found out my grandma who died of stomach cancer in 2002 had celiac disease. It was some very shocking news for my family, especially for my mom, who also found out she has the gene for celiac disease but never developed it. She was mostly sad and upset that this disease killed her mom and nobody had anybody idea she had it. I began thinking, I wonder how many people have had celiac disease throughout my ancestry and went undiagnosed. Years of pain, gone undiagnosed. I cannot imagine.

This blog is now dedicated to my wonderful grandma. Although you could not be saved, many more people will be able to be. i started thinking that there needs to be recommended by doctors that everyone should be tested for celiac disease, just like cancer or diabetes. I am going to look into this issue more and get back to you! Tell me your thoughts!! Thankss!

my grandmother and I <3

Aug 23 / samannthacc

Survival Tip # 3 : Say yes to the bun.

Don’t you miss tasty buns on top of your burgers? I know I do. Yes, I enjoy protein style burgers from In and Out, but after eating a double cheeseburger without the bun, I find myself still hungry. I need CARBS! Yes, fries help, along with the occasional shake, but the bun. That’s what I miss.

Fear not fellow gluten free-ers. Ruby’s felt my pain and added a gluten free bun to their menu. The brand of the bun also happens to be my favorite. It’s called “Udi’s Gluten Free”

So go Ruby’s!

Aug 11 / samannthacc

Survival Tip #2: Experience the Indulgence


Many restaurants have recently adopted gluten free menu’s with a variety of dessert choices.

I will list my 4 favorite restaurants with gluten free dessert choices.

1. Native Foods

As difficult as it may be to believe that THIS chocolate cheesecake with cashew crust is gluten free. IT IS TRUE. Native foods has the most to die for desserts, many of which of gluten free. The chocolate cheesecake is by far my favorite.

Native foods has a menu that is ideal for us gluten free peeps. It is easy to navigate through the menu and know what you can eat. The waiters are also very helpful and don’t give you the typical blank stare when you say “do you have any gluten free options?”

2. Sprinkles Cupcakes

YESSSS SPRINKLES HAS A GLUTEN FREE CUPCAKE. and it is so delicious. They only have red velvet flavor…but who cares because its by far the best flavor on the menu. Whenever I go to a birthday party I always bring a gluten free cupcake for myself and then a regular one for the birthday girl/boy so I know I can enjoy a treat while everyone eats cake.

3. McDonalds

Okay, this is my guilty pleasure. I have loved McFlurry’s since diapers and when I found out I was gfree the FIRST thing I checked was the McDonald’s website to see if their McFlurry’s were gluten free. Turns out. THEY ARE.

so indulge on a “sweet storm” of soft serve ice cream and M&M’s

Aug 11 / samannthacc

Survival Tip #1: Put Yourself at Ease

Always have “Gluten Ease” handy.

It is my go to magic medicine that saves me weeks of pain when I accidentally injest gluten.

Sells for $29.98 for 60 capsules on or on


you never know when you feel a “gluten stomachache” (as i call them) coming on

Aug 6 / samannthacc

The Introduction to the (Teen) Guide


My name is Samantha Coffman. I live in Southern California with my mom, dad and two younger brothers. Food is a HUGE part of our life. My mom is chef and studied at the California Culinary Academy and Tante Marie’s Cooking School, both in San Francisco. She is also certified by the Wine and Spirits Education Trust based in London. She began her own cooking school in 2007, called Tapenade School for Cooking. I enjoyed taking her classes and helping her create new recipes. We would go to San Francisco together to discover new restaurants and find new recipes. It isa passion of mine to eat. I love to eat and dream of becoming a traveling food critic. Fall of my freshman year in 2009, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I had struggled my entire life with stomach pains, bloating, gas, eczema, fatigue, and dark circles under my eyes. Doctors had tested me for everything until one doctor who specializes in gastroenterology examined me and gave me a simple blood test that revealed I had celiac. My life changed completely. It was my freshman year and I couldn’t even bring a sandwich to school. I have come a long way in my battle against my love for food and my disease. However, I feel 100% better and am determined to still be a traveling food critic despite my disease. With the help of my mom’s cooking credentials and my experience with the disease, I feel I can share my knowledge effectively.


Although there are ample celiac blogs dedicated to the mothers, babies, children, young adults, and fathers, there is not one that is dedicated solely for teenagers. This is quite sad, considering that the absolute worst time to tell a person that they can’t have their favorite slice of pizza with their friends is during the adolescent years. Hormones, drama, high school, boyfriends, girlfriends, family, college, grades, test scores, AP’s, community service, and all the other stresses that accompany being a teenager weigh down on the youth of our nation. The last thing a teenager should have to be stressed about is deciding whether or not to attend a birthday party at a particular restaurant because the food may or may not be gluten free. This is what propelled me to start writing this blog. After many people I knew were being diagnosed celiac disease, I found myself handing out cookbooks, giving out recipes, telling people what to look out for. I’m not talking about the obvious things, like bagels, muffins, pancakes, cookies, cake or pasta, but rather the mysterious things like  Starbucks frappuccinos , soy sauce, omelets from Cocos made with flour, burgers with bread crumbs, teriyaki sauce, balance bars, etc.

This blog will be dedicated to recipes, information and everything a teenager needs to survive a new world of gluten free.

Aug 6 / samannthacc

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